Ancestry? Naturalisation maybe? I simply don t have a clue where to start, I want to move to norway with any of these methods ,I have friends there and any here so simply as that.

Connection would be via "Rasmussen" surname,I was born in Peru,Southamerica , all i know about my ancestors from here is they came on say "progrmam/mission" to stablish electricity in this country, I may have access to some names,birth/death cetificates in a few days.

My main concern is,will it work ,is there any best way to achieve this,suggestions are very welcomed.

Norway does not acknowledge citizenship based on ancestry beyond your personal link. Unless one of your parents were norwegian citizens at the time of your birth, you do not have any claim on norwegian citizenship.

If you father or mother were norwegian citizens, and did not hold any other citizenship at the time of your birth, you would have a claim. However when you naturalized to your peruvian citizenship, you forfeited that claim.

So immigration to norway would be the same for you as for any other peruvian. However, having the surname Rasmussen would probably help you during your immigration process, although it is not supposed to.

To immigrate you will first have to have a job, then you can apply for residence visa based on that job. And it will have to be some kind of skilled work.

You could most likely find some relatives here in Norway though. If you have the name, birthplace and birthdate of your norwegian ancestor. My family's name is Rasmussen, although I doubt we have had any emigrating electrical engineers during the last century - we've mostly been into other businesses.  


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