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I've got this old photo, that I thought was of the Swiss Alps but someone said maybe it was of Norway. There are words on the back that could be     Jotunheimen und Galdh°piggen and I can figure out what the word under them might be, perhaps the photographer's name. Anyhow, just looking for your opinion, if any. Do the hats look like they may have been an old style of Nordic hats, etc..? Thanks for any help!

Sure, Jotunheimen is a well known mountain area of Norway. Galdh°piggen is the tallest mountain in norway at 2469m. Second tallest mountain peak is the next one over - Glittertind. Both peaks are in the Jotunheimen area.,8.4776708,9z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x46150fd70a5612fd:0xff5b9097137dcffc

Jotunheimen literally means "Giants home" or "Trolls home". The name was coined in the 1860's by renowned poet ┼smund Olavsson Vinje who loved hiking in that area.

Today Jotunheimen is designated a national park and the park area covers 1150 km2. It is a very popular wild hiking area and an important habitat for wild reindeer and muskox

Can't help you with the picture more than that without seeing it.


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