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Norway/Tax benefits on house renovating expenses


Hi Roy,

I bought a house last year and spend some money for the renovation works. I wonder if I am eligible to have any tax deduction in this regard. Is there any kind of expenses related to renovation works that is acceptable to show for tax deduction?


Not expenses on the house you are living in. Instead any improvement you make to your own house is tax free profit when you sell the place in the future. So you do not get double up, tax break on expenses and on profit.

However, if you own other buildings that you are letting out for rent, then you can deduct normal expenses on your income. For rent from houses that are not your domicile you will have to pay normal income tax though. So any _normal_ expenses are deducted from your income. Expenses to upgrade the quality/standard of your building is not tax deductable, only expenses regarding wear and tear.


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