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I am a UK citizen living in the USA.  I am currently 65 years old.  I worked in The International School of Stavanger for 10 years first as a teacher for 3 years and then as a Principal for 7 years.  My salary for the last few years was approximately 80,000 dollars.  For the last 7 years of my employment I paid full Norwegian taxes but only social taxes for the first three years.

1. Am I entitled to get a partial pension from Norway?
2. How would this be calculated?
3. How much would this be approximately?
4. How do I go about claiming my pension, if I am eligible?

Thanks for helping me with this question.


1) Yes. You are entitled to some pension. You are entitled to a part of the public base pension, and you are most likely entitled to a part of the pension plan provided by your employer. You'll have to ask the employer about that.

2) You worked for 7 years will full taxes paid, 10 years in total. I assume that you'll be entitled to 7/40 (17.5%) of full state pension, and hopefully 10/40th (25%) of full employer pension (if they had any).

3) Hard to tell. These rules are very difficult. But I guess the amount would be worth remembering if not enough to live on.

4)Go to and click for help in english. NAV is the agency responsible for these things

If you remember you personnummer (social security ID) and you have electronic ID in  norway (minID, bankID, buypass or commfides), you can check you pension on  


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