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Norway/Married to a norwegian with a half norwegian child, living in the US wanting to relocate back to Norway


I have been married to my Norwegian husband for almost 5 years now and we have a 4 year old child together. We are wanting to move to Norway, but the embassy is being less than helpful. They told me I have to have a family reunification permit, however, this permit is only good for those whose spouses are already residing in Norway. Also, the Norwegian wage requirements are very high in comparison to what the average American makes. I am unsure on how to proceed, or if they are telling me the correct information. I have checked UDI, but they do not have anything matching our situation. I can try and go over on a student visa, but it is my understanding that I would then have to come home when my studies are over. I am highly confused by all of this. Do you know anyway we can proceed? My mother in law offered to sponsor me, but they are saying that it is rare that that would be allowed. We did make more than the income requirements last year, but they will not count my income.

The income requirements are rather silly. You need proof of past income when you want to relocate to a totally different place where past income would not make any difference. The past income requirement is not carved in stone though - the important question is if you (as a family) will be able to sustain yourself when in norway.

Your husband and your child, both norwegian citizens, can move back to norway without any reservations. They will be eligible for welfare if they have no other means of support. You on the other hand are not.

That is the crux of the matter.

If your husband can secure a job contract before you all move to norway, you can apply for family reunification residency with him as sponsor and support. However, if you have no proof of income before moving, your visa will not be granted.

Let us assume that your husband can not secure a job contract before coming to norway. In that case you have two options:

1) You come with your husband when you go to norway. He relocates "home" with his daughter, you on two months vacation visa. If he can get a job with enough income to support you within those two months, you can go to the local police and get a temporary residency permit pending the family reunification visa application you send to the UDI at the same time.

2) Your husband go to norway in advance and get a job and fix a place to live. When that is in order, the rest of you come as soon as your visa is processed. Or you can come on a vacation visa with local police extension pending the proper permit.


Norwegian immigration law and citizenship law isn't very logical. For instance - it is illegal to have citizenship in another state before being released from norwegian citizenship. And it is illegal to gain norwegian citizenship before you are released from your previous citizenship. Go figure how that should work out if that was the rule in all countries.  


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