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Is it possible for me and my wife to apply for a Norwegian passport i.e. hold a dual passport...U.S. & Norway?  Our intent is to purchase some land in or around the area our relatives come from...Dimmelsvik (this is where the family farm, Hjelmeland,  is located) Skanevik, Bergen and the Stavanger area.  Several of my relatives are buried at the Kvinnherad Church yard of Rosendal.
All of our relatives, on both sides of our family, are from that area and I can go back as far as  1745 where my Great, Great, Great Grandfather, Hans Hansson, was born 1745-1830 and my GGG Grandmother, Anna Jensdotter Seim was born in 1760-1848.  You will not find many people that can claim Norwegian Heritage/Ancestors today going back that far on both sides of the family i.e. we are 100% Norwegian American Citizens.  
My GG Grandfather/Grandmother had (10) children and (8) came to American in the late 1800's  with one returning to Norway to be buried @ Kvinnheard Church @ Rosendal.  Basically you can duplicate this same scenario for my wife's ancestors.

No, Norway do not allow dual citizenship. If you want to aquire norwegian citizenship, you will have to live here, and you will have to relinquish your prior citizenship.

That does not stop you from purchasing property though. There are no restrictions on foreigners owning property in norway. If you plan on spending a lot of time in norway on your property you will also be able to apply for a residence visa given that you have the income to support you.  


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