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Norway/Do I qualify for a Norwegian passport


Hi Roy

Please can you help me.
My grandfather was born in Norway in October 1901
and came to South Africa in the early 1930's where he met my grandmother.

My father was born here in Durban on the 5th of March 1941. My grandfather passed away here in South Africa.

I would like to know would I qualify for a Norwegian passport and if so how do I go about obtaining one. What information would I need to get together.


Well, there is a theoretical possibility that you do have a claim on a norwegian passport if:
1) You have never held any other passport
2) You have never served military service
3) You have never actively registered as a legal person anywhere
4) Your father was a norwegian citizen and never naturalized.

Beyond that, you do not have any claim on norwegian citizenship.  


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I live here and have been guiding members of my family around when they visit from abroad for years.

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