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Would you be kind enough to translate a short message into Norwegian for me? The message is:

"I would be very grateful if you could help me. You have a film on your website that I would love to see, but because I live in the UK, I have an English address, and can't make an account on your website. Would you consider making an exception and allowing me to make an account, so that I could rent this film? The film is "Scene fra et parforhold: #2", and I can't find it anywhere else. Thank you very much for reading this."

Of course, if translations are not something that you do, I am very sorry for bothering you!

Thank you so much! :)

Unless you are prepared for an answer in norwegian also, I'd just stick with english.

But here goes:

Jeg håper dere kan hjelpe meg med en liten ting. Det er en film på deres webshop som jeg ønsker å få sett, men fordi jeg bor i UK og har engelsk adresse, får jeg ikke lov å lage en konto hos dere. Er det mulig å gjøre et unntak for meg, så jeg kan få leid denne filmen? Filmen jeg er på jakt etter er "Scene fra et parforhold: #2", og jeg kan ikke finne den noe annet sted.

På forhånd takk.


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I live here and have been guiding members of my family around when they visit from abroad for years.

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