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I was born in Norway in 1951. My family immigrated to Canada in 1953. My parents at the time, had to renounce their Norwegian citizenship.  I became a Canadian when I was 13. I speak Norwegian and English.  I have heard that the laws have changed concerning dual citizenship. I would like to know if this could apply to me. Thank you.

Yes, the norwegian law on dual citizenship has changed, but to a stricter interpretation, quite contrary to the recommendations made by the comittee set down on the subject. Before 2006 dual citizenship was illegal, but nothing happened if you happened to be able to aquire another citizenship and you kept on maintaining your norwegian citizenship.

In 2006 it was specified that aquiring a foreign citizenship automatically forfeited your norwegian citizenship.  And if you did not relinquish any foreign citizenship within a year of aquiring norwegian citizenship, it would be revoked.

So, aquiring dual citizenship for you at the moment is not possible. However, if you want to regain your norwegian citizenship, since you previously have been norwegian, is very straightforward. A couple of forms is all you need to fill out. You will have to renounce your canadian citizenship though.  


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