I have an odd question i am looking to get a tatoo comomorating my best friends death when we were fighting in the canadian military over in afghastan it is the phrase "bear down" i want to translate it to ild norse and what i have found was "bera ofan" is this the correct translation if ou could please send me back a quick email i would appreciate it so much thank you

"Bear down" is not a simple phrase to translate. And you certainly cannot translate it word by word since it is the meaning you're after, not the words themselves.

With "Bear down" - do you mean:

1) Target and attack.
2) Large animal (bear) is dead/down.
3) Put to much weight on / burden .

When you know what words you want to put together, you'll have to knwo what -meaning-, and structure you put together. Both verbs and nouns will inflect according to case, time and plurality in norse, even for pronouns in some cases.

Some base words:
Bear (animal) - Bjorn, bera, bjarndyr (n)
Carry/bear - bera (v)
down - niğr (p)
fall down - rata (v) / Falla (v)
 (Ofan sounds to me like "over" - but dont' take my word for it.)

but even when you put the right words together, you'll not necessarily make any sense. It is difficult to transplant idioms and expressions between languages. And you'll have to inflect the words properly to avoid sounding like a baby, even when only putting two words together.

I do not know norse very well, this is all from memory from high school many years ago:

Bear (animal) fell down -> "Bjornr fell" or perhaps "Bjorni falt"

Again, I never learned more than the very basic norse grammar. So This is probably the wrong case, time and gender, but it shows you that putting the base form of the word togheter often makes little sense.  


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