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Good day

I have recently relocated to the Eastern parts of Norway. I have a persona number and have been residing here for nearly 7 months. I have completed A1 norskkurs too.

I am looking to opening a juice bar in town.
How do I go about that?
Do I need a different visa to do so?
Would the company need to be registered on my husbands name?
Do I need qualifications to open my own business in Norway even if I have funding and a business plan and proposal?
Where do I register my business?
Would I need to register for VAT?

Thank you for you assistance


If you have a work and residence permit, and a norwegian personnummer, then you're free to open any business you like. You will have have a food serving permit issued by the municipality though, this is mainly a health and safety inspection thing. Beyond that I recommend that you join an entrepreneurship program if one is available where you are. You also need to take a few tests to show that you know how to pay taxes, VAT, manage your accounts etc. But basically, if you are doing this without employees, on your own, you're free to do almost whatever you want.

Most of what you need to know you can learn in the Tax authority free classes for new entrepreneurs:

When it comes to the food serving permit, It is a bit different between municipalities. But as long as you're not serving alcohol it should be as simple as filling out a couple of forms showing that you know that you have to keep things clean, that you have access to a toilet and have the right equipment for your business. All these can be arranged as you are setting up your business, with locale, equipment, supply chain etc.  


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