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Hello Roy,

I am having a Phd from NTNU. I am planning to start a private tuition centre for school children in Mathematics and Science subjects. I am not planning to do this through a registered organization. Still I would like to charge a small fee to ensure that children attend regularly rather than take it for granted.

1. How can I find and from where about what kind of supports the school students requires?  
2. Is this possible to provide without having any registered organisation?
3. Is there any supports normally offered by the kommune in offering rooms for the teaching?
4. Do the teachers encourage if I contact the schools and express my interest for this private tuition?


1) You're free to provide any service you want. Market research is at the core of finding out what the public wants. I.E. I don't know - you'll have to ask people.

2) Sure, you can do so as a private citizen. But if you want to be taken seriously you should really create an organization with a public legal charter. It doesn't cost anything to make a non-profit - but it looks much better and people will be able to see what your goal and purpose is beyond your personal whim. Or you can register as a one-person-business, a regular for-profit. Just be open about what you are doing. Creating your own job is perfectly legal and encouraged.

3)Not if you want to do it of your own person. If you want to start a non-profit initiative the Kommune might have some room available in a public building or school. (nominal fees are allowed - even mandatory for membership organized non-profits). A normal business is expected to pay rent.

4) No, I highly doubt it. They'll view it as a private business trying to sell services to kids - and commercial activity is illegal in schools. Even non-profits will find it difficult to advertise their activities and services through schools as advertising towards kids is also illegal.

Have a look at FOLKEUNIVERSITETET - this is an organisation that organises private initiatives for teaching a myriad of subjects. This might be a good umbrella structure for your initiative.


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