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Hi Roy,

I am working in the oil industry. My wife was working in the same organization but different discipline. Unfortunately, it is the same basis manager for both my discipline and my wife discipline. As a part of reducing the staffing, she was terminated despite her seniority than other people those who still work. That time the union told that the company is considering social factors also into account in deciding who should go out. Though there was no written form, I was told few times by discipline lead that it was not fair that two person from same family has job at this situation. This played a major role in terminating her.
Now due to further reduction, the company has restructured the positions and I have been given a notice as well. I am well suited to all the job description that have now. But they say in the evaluation, I get low points than personnel they will be retained. Though the criteria says that social conditions will be considered, I can see that it has not been considered in making the decision.
I would like to know from legal point, is there any weight to be given in retaining one person when both husband and wife works in the same organization while I meet the new job descriptions.

Thanks for your help in advance.

From a legal point, not really. The social considerations only come into play if another person has equal qualifications as you and is not considered for termination. If you feel that you have been unfairly singled out, then the social considerations may come into play, but with the situation in the oil industry right now when up to 80% of the people formerly employed are getting sacked, then there is very little you can do.

I work in the same business myself and my company has reduced it staff from over 4000 to about 1500 over the last year and we're still firing people. I.E.  Everyone is getting fired, so small details doesn't relly count any more.


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