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I was born in Norway in 1969 to a Norwegian mother. My father is British and I was raised in uk as a British citizen passed to me from my father. My parents were married when I was born. I lived and worked in Norway when I was 20 for 6 months after obtaining a personal ID number but I never applied for my Norwegian passport. I then moved to USA in 1994 where I still am and have a permanent alien green card. I want to move back to Norway with my three American citizen children (they were all born in USA and naturally acquired USA citizenship). My question is, am I still a Norwegian citizen and therefore can I apply for Norwegian citizenship for my children?
  Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Yes, since you were born before 1979, and your mother was a norwegian citizen at the moment of your birth, you also were autmatically granted norwegian citizenship. This citizenship probably has not expired, or if it has - you can reclaim it rather easily by reapplying on a simple form.

Your children are a different matter. If they are older than 18 years old today, they probably no longer hold norwegian citizenship, although they would automatically have the right to norwegian citizenship if they were born before 2006. If they are born later than that, they also have a claim on norwegian citizenship (given that you have not lost yours in the meantime) but the citizenship needs to be claimed within a few months after their birth to avoid forfeiting the right.

Now, the interesting bit is that you are registered with a Personnummer in the citizen registry. If that registration says that you are a norwegian citizen, you're golden. However if that registration says that you are a british citizen then you have a bit more paperwork in front of you.

Let us say that you dropped out of the citizen registry and are considered a UK citizen. In that case you can reclaim your norwegian citizenship by living here for two years, then apply for citizenship while you renounce your other citizenships. (This may be changing in a year or two, and dual citizenships may be allowed). Applying for residence permit for former norwegian citizens is easy and can be done here:
1) Pay the fee
2) One of your parents must have been norwegian citizen at your birth
3) You must have income above 235258 NOK/Year before taxes

Then, if your children are under 18 (or at least under 21) and dependent on you:
1) Must really be your kids, and other parent must agree
2) Minimum income 305200 NOK/year
3) Lots of documentation (no problem really for UK citizens)

If UK had been part of the Schengen agreement things would have been much easier. Then you could just move here, and fix all the paperwork when you got settled.  


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