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I messaged you once before to ask for a translation, and you were kind enough to help me -- would you mind translating another one for me?

The message is:

Thank you for uploading so many episodes!
May I ask, do you have Season 06 Episode 02? I have been looking for it everywhere, but I can't find it.
If you do have it, would you be kind enough to upload it? I would be extremely grateful."

You warned me before to be prepared to have a reply in Norwegian, but this isn't a problem, as I can run the reply through Google Translate and get a pretty good translation (especially with questions like this, which are basically yes or no). And I know how many Norwegians speak English, but it seems so rude to write to someone in a foreign language when I'm asking for a favour, which is why I'd prefer to write in Norwegian.

Thank you again for your time!

Your really should just write in English. All norwegians speak and write english well enough for these kinds of transactions. Relying on google translate to understand the answer is not something I would do. But here goes:

Tusen takk for at du lastet opp så mange episoder.
Har du også Sesong 06 episode 2? Jeg har vært på jakt etter den over alt, men har ikke vært i stand til å finne den. Hvis du har den så hadde jeg blitt evig takknemlig om du kunne laste den opp også.

Mange takk for all tiden du bruker for å hjelpe meg.


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