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QUESTION: I meant reinforce the foundation of the spent fuel rod pool just in case another earthquake hits while they relocate them to safety.

Its basically articles like this that get to me. Not sure how credible the voice of russia is but still. Most reports are now saying all the tuna in the pacific is contaminated

I actually emailed the NIH to see what they have to say. will let you know

Thanks Steve

PS. have you considered reaching out to be a consultant for the Japanese? AT some point this is going to require top experts all around the world to pitch in. But maybe your theory of bulldozing into a deep ocean crevice is the best one :)

ANSWER: The Japanese have many brilliant scientists, their country is rather famous for it.  The world already is pitching in.  I looked at the article, things like this: "USS Ronald Reaganwas riding athwart in the radioactive discharge plume 10 miles away from the crippled Fukushima plant. The crew desalinated seawater to use it in cooking, with some crewmembers developing cancerous diseases and/or becoming blind as a result." are basically just blatant lies.  Blatant.

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QUESTION: Thanks for the feedback Steve!  Have you looked at this site?  Is it credible?

ANSWER: Absolutely not.  Pure sensationalism.  And I did check and not just dismiss it.

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How are you? Even though you made some good points I am still not convinced we are in the clear.  There is now talk that a few of the reactors have completely melted down and there is no way to ever fix this and the site will continue to spew deadly isotopes for decades.  I just dont see how this can not impact life and the environment.  Yes the ocean is huge but radiation is powerful and you can only dilute a problem so much until it becomes saturated.  Any additional thoughts?  thanks for your time


You really need to take a bunch of science classes and put NUMBERS to these things.  NUMBERS that provide a sense of scale.  For one thing, what you read is wrong about spewing isotopes for decades.  All the hottest isotopes will decay away in their characteristic half lives, because that's the nature of radioactive material.  Second, you have no sense of scale at all how this tiny thing we created is compared to the massive scale of the Earth...because no human brain can comprehend it without NUMBERS, ACTUAL QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS.  I am an expert in this area, and I have answered many questions and performed many analyses since the incredible natural disaster that befell Fukushima occurred.  I've run the numbers.  All the numbers, in the most conservative way.  Did you know that the ocean, just the Pacific, has 714 MILLION CUBIC KILOMETERS of water in it.  To put it better, that works out to 714 trillion cubic meters (also 1 cubic meter = 1.02 metric tons of sea water), or 714 quadrillion liters of water.  The brain can't handle those numbers aside from to pronounce the words.

I've run the numbers.

The sources in your "news" site you linked to are not physicists (no, physicians are not even close to being able to calculate these things).

I know it seems counterintuitive, just like many things that are true nonetheless.

If you just "don't see it," that's fine.  If you're not willing to trust the calculations I've run repeatedly from all sorts of angles and approaches, then find another expert to ask and see if they agree.

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