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Nuclear Power/radiation on flights


Hello Steven,

My name is Jason. I am a very frequent flyer...2 european trips a year and a lot of 2-4 hr flights domestically. I have some concerns about radiation exposure on flights.  IS someone like me in any danger?  Is there anything i can do to protect myself aside from taking vitamins and antioxidants?  Also are you exposed to less radiation on nighttime flights?  would appreciate any help.  Thanks!


Pilots aren't just "frequent flyers," they fly pretty much several times a day, every day.  They are also one of the most studied populations on the planet.  Take your antioxidants, they're supposed to be good for you in general.  Don't worry about the radiation on flights, the flight itself is the dangerous part and not the radiation exposure.

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I was at a branch of the University of Texas of the Permian Basin for seven years working on an advanced nuclear reactor. Generation IV nuclear reactors. Radiation safety. Nuclear fusion. Since moved into government nuclear work.


Drew the laboratory design for a Generation IV nuclear research reactor Doctoral research on stellar nuclear fusion reactions if your question is on fusion power.

Ph.D. in physics (nuclear physics), Duke University. Taught physics, radiation safety, and nuclear engineering courses at UTPB for 7 years before moving into government work.

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