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What is the response time for a nuclear power plant to respond to demand

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Usually nuclear power plants are built to supply the base load since it is more economical way of electricity production in a grid. The turbine is slave to the reactor which produces the maximum amount of power assigned by the operators. If the grid is supplied by mostly nuclear power plants, like in France and in the old times in Lithuania and Armenia, nuclear power plants have to follow load. This time the reactor is slave to the turbine and as more power is requested the turbine main steam valve opens wider allowing more steam to the turbine thus cooling the water in the steam generator. The control mechanisms of the reactor, chemical shim, control rods and circulation pumps act accordingly to increase the temperature of the coolant in the steam generators. This happens rather fast in few  seconds but the response time depends on the reactor type. If you are further interested in this subject I recommend J. Lewins, Nuclear Reactor Kinetics and Control (ISBN 0-08-021681-1 TK9202.L43 1977).

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