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QUESTION: Greetings Mr. Nelson,

My name is Russ.  Not sure if you can answer this but thought I would reach out. I work in sales and may be accepting a job that requires travel all around the US, which means a lot of time on airplanes.  I am concerned about radiation exposure on flights and if i am in the air 1-2x a week could there be some long term consequences of this?  Also I read that the radiation from Japan has caused a surge in atmospheric levels on the western part of the US making air travel even more risky. There are videos on youtube showing people with Geiger counters demonstrating the elevated levels; not sure if they are bogus or not. I would like to get your feedback on this (if you have any).  I appreciate your time and hope you are having a good day.



ANSWER: The videos are bullshit.  Absolutely.  Seriously, and absolutely, those are either fakes or misinterpretations.  Black sand in California.  Craptastic on a GLOBAL SCALE!

I'm a nuclear physicist. I have massive expertise in contamination and spreading of contamination of said radioactive material.  Your airline flights radiation exposure levels are purely because you flew up above most of the atmosphere and not ANYTHING to do with Fukushima.  That's crap, and I have no vested interest in that place.  Your youtube videos also show that Obama dolls can pop popcorn (and cell phones can't do that, either), or make tomatoes glow with matches and hydrogen peroxide.  

Youtube videos are hugely instructional, just be careful who you get them from.

Take the job.  Take it.

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QUESTION: LOL- that was very prolific and entertaining! But I do appreciate hearing this from an educated person as opposed to the idiotic masses spreading rumors and nonsense all over the web.  I'll have to check out the Obama doll video.  Do you work in the nuclear industry now?  Ive always been fascinated with that field

My current job is not within the nuclear industry itself.  I was a professor for the last seven years at one of the schools within the University of Texas, now my work pertains more to monitoring for nuclear material.  Don't listen to people who don't know the science...

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I was at a branch of the University of Texas of the Permian Basin for seven years working on an advanced nuclear reactor. Generation IV nuclear reactors. Radiation safety. Nuclear fusion. Since moved into government nuclear work.


Drew the laboratory design for a Generation IV nuclear research reactor Doctoral research on stellar nuclear fusion reactions if your question is on fusion power.

Ph.D. in physics (nuclear physics), Duke University. Taught physics, radiation safety, and nuclear engineering courses at UTPB for 7 years before moving into government work.

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