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Hello Dr nelson- How are you? some more news about fukushima.  Is this false info as well?

Also I am in LA now and just measured the background radiation with Radex RD1503 geiger meter and it shows normal background levels. why are these sites constantly positing this information if its not true?


I would stop reading "news" from that site entirely.  They're talking about fCi/m^3.  The gross alpha standard is actually 15 pCi/liter (  A pCi is 1000 times higher than a fCi, and there are 1000 liters in a cubic there's an obvious source of a factor of a million that they're off by right there.  They're also mixing up water and air measurements (that's a serious error) and spouting numbers that sound extremely fishy to me.  There's a bunch of fear-mongering sites out there looking for your advertising dollars.  Notice the banner ads.  And since they're talking in such gross terms, let me point out that just the 14C and 40K in your own body would (by their "standard" for California of 0.38 fCi) make you way more radioactive than the numbers they're throwing around (about 2000 pCi of beta decay per liter).  In fact, there's more naturally-occurring uranium (roughly 1100 fCi/L, or 1,100,000 fCi/m^3) in seawater.  So when they announce the scary-sounding number of just 300 fCi/m^3 in the drinking water... that's actually quite good compared to ocean water!  I have read that the drought is causing natural leaching of extra uranium into drinking water in some areas in California recently, mostly in small rural water systems.  But the numbers this website purports to be so terrible are actually way into the safe range.  I don't know how such sites stay in business, but most people don't know enough about to numbers to actually know when to (and not to) listen.  

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