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Dear Bill- My name is Kelli. Not sure if you can help. I just realized that I have been living near a cellphone tower for the past 4 years and am now concerned that it may have put my health in jeopardy. Its essentially right next to my building in a residential neighborhood. I would appreciate your expertise on this matter. Thank you


This is not my area of expertise but I am relatively knowledgeable about the radiation emitted from cell phones.
The controversy of course is that extensive use of a cell phone can cause tumors.  So I understand why you would be concerned about living next to a tower with presumably a much higher level of radiation.

According to the American Cancer Society, you have nothing to worry about.  Because the signals are not constant, the transmitter is located very high over your head, and the signal is reduced considerably by being inside a building, the levels are many times lower than federal limits.  And please bear in mind that federal limits are very conservative.
For more information go to

I trust this information and think that you can as well.  I hope that this puts your mind at ease.

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