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Dear Dr. Nelson- My name is Kelli. Not sure if you can help. I just realized that I have been living near a cellphone tower for the past 4 years and am now concerned that it may have put my health in jeopardy. Its essentially right next to my building in a residential neighborhood. I would appreciate your expertise on this matter. Thank you


I get this question quite a bit.  While it's a little bit medical, the basic physics agrees with all the medical studies.  This is one of the most intensely studied public health topics of recent decades, with the massive uptick in transmitter towers.  People who live immediately under them have been studied.  People who work on such devices and receive what (compared to you) would be an "extremely high" exposure to the emitted radio waves, have also been studied.  Children, women, every demographic...and any study with a hint of a health effect has essentially been shown to have bad statistics and/or faulty methods.  A bit like the studies (all disproven soundly) about any link between vaccines and autism...but people listen to anything that scares them far more than they listen to boring studies.  The massive mountain of evidence points to no health effects from living near a cell transmitter.  Those aren't even very high powered compared to TV and radio transmitters, which also have not been shown to have negative health effects in people who live next to them.

The physics of it is that your body creates tons of electrical impulses inside it, anyhow.  And at these frequencies, chemical bond breaking and ionization are simply not factors.  So from a physics standpoint, you should be VASTLY more worried about things which are very well known to cause harm.  Get some vitamin D, but put on sunscreen and avoid those UV rays.  Watch your diet.  Exercise.  Avoid smoking if you can. But don't worry about the radio signals...they're just not in the same class of things that could hurt you...and good studies with very very good statistics have proven that.

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