Hi, I hope you are well, i am a 21 year old male and I am very uncomfortable being naked, even in front of my wife and she is very frustrated by it,  I have gained a few pounds in recent times after we had our baby but im not overweight, even before when I was younger and skinnier I was like this ( always wore a shirt when i went swimmingl, etc) during sex I usually wear a shirt, I tell her its because im cold but really I just feel very uncomfortable with my body ( as I said this was always the case but the weight gain didnt help) this is starting to really affect our love life as she really doesn't like that I won't be naked with her and im not sure how to solve the situation. Im sorry for the length of the question , any advice is appreciated.

All right well first off you need to be comfortable being naked by yourself.  So when you are alone start being naked as much as possible.  Don't worry about your weight your wife is not expecting you do have a full six pack or rock hard abs.  Like it is with us women we are afraid our husbands expect us to have a models body.  Your wife probably is taking it hard because some women have to force themselves to let their husbands see them naked.  You might have to force yourself even after being naked by yourself.
If this doesn't work and your sex life continues to be negatively affected then I would suggest a professional therapist.  I am not a professional, I am an expert the problem might be more psychological and I would let a professional handle that my best wishes that my advice is enough to get you past this.  Just remember she is naked so you should be too it is not a big deal.  Like naturist say, "it is not weird because we are all naked so it is not a big deal."  I hope you get past this.



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