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This is the second person I have asked for help on this problem, the last expert saw no relation in the numbers hopefully you can give me some advice or clues at the least:
The problem states:
To work it out, read the numbers in pairs whilst looking at the line above...
The picture shows how the numbers are laid out.
What are the next numbers in the sequence

This is an old, and somewhat "cheesy," riddle.

The first line is 3.

Now what do you see? You see one 3.

That gives the second line, 13.

What do you see? You see one 1 and one 3.

That gives the second line, 1113.

Then you see three 1s and one 3.

That gives the third line, 3113.

Then you see one 3, two 1s, and one 3.

That gives 132112.

And so forth...

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