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Number Theory/Speed of Sound computation.


Dear Prof Scott

The speed of Sound is 340.29 m/s.

1 How the speed of Sound is Computed to get the above value?.

2 Are there many methods to compute the speed of Sound Experimentaly?.

Thanks & regards
Prashant s akerkar

1  When the speed of sound is taken at various temperature and various pressures,
a linear equation can be set up to estimate the exact speed of sound at normal pressure and temperature, whatever that may be.  I believe it is commonly computed at sea level and 70 degrees, but it doesn't have to be.  See the Handbook of Chemistry and Physics for a common reference.

2 The most common method could be a stop watch over a noticable distance between two people.
It could also be computed with a watch and two people with a sizeable distance between them.
Perhaps an item that falls over or changes color could be used with a fair distance between them and only one person observing when this happened.  A computer could have two sound detection units with again a noticable difference betwwen them, and this would be the most accurate.  Depending what units are used, different results would be found.  The farther the distance between the two points, the better the results would be.  Ideally, it would be done in an area where there is no wind.  

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