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Number Theory/Tricycle with mechanical combination Lock.


Dear Prof Scott

Will there be one or two mechanical combination Lock for a tricycle?.


All that is needed is one lock to hold the frame to something.
If just one of the wheels was locked, someone might take the rest of the tricycle.

The best way to do it is to get a long cable (I have a metal one that is coated in plastic) and run it through each wheel.  Hook the middle bar on the tricycle and this cable to the lock.

I have biked before and my wife hooked a wire cable through the frame and both wheels before locking it to something immovable.  I don't know if you've seen them, but I have a lock that is about 6" wide and a foot long.  It has a thick metal u-bar that hooks into two holes in a 8" bar where it is locked together.  It is all coated with a rubber material on the outside.  One end of the bar twists into the lock, and the other end has a piece of metal sticking out into the lock.  I hook it through my back wheel and frame.  Yes, the front wheel is just loose and could be stolen, but who'd want a front wheel?

For a tricycle, I can't imagine taking it far enough away to lock it since it is ridden by kids that don't go very far.

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