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Number Theory/Storage facility in tractor vehicle.


Dear Prof Scott

1 Is adequate storage facility available for storing fertilizers, pesticides, farming equipments and materials in the tractor vehicle?.

2 Is Windshield wiper required for the tractor vehicle?.


1 I don't think so since many of the fertilizers, pesticides and other places are stored somewhere else.  If they could be carried by a tractor, it would increase the risk of fires and require the tractor to carry more weight which would lead to a decrease in mpg.

2 It is not a subject under consideration by almost anyone due to the fact that tractors are built to operate in the sun.  Putting a tractor out in the rain would require the tractor to be serviced a whole lot more often.

That is why most tractors I've seen don't have a compartment to protect the driver from the rain,
for it makes no sense to operate one in the rain.  

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