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Numerology/High master numbers and small master numbers


What are the high powers of the master number 77 instead of those of the master number 11?

And in general what are the more high powers of the highest master numbers instead of those of the smaller master numbers?

Anyway I expect someone to give me an answer to this question!Can you?


My view is that Master Numbers are both innately challenging, and include extraordinary potential. Everyone has at least some Master Number energy in their comprehensive charts; in my private systems there are hundreds of possible factors, and some people have more Master Numbers than others.

It's not clear what you're referring to when you say "high powers of (the Master Numbers)." Each Master Number, whether it's 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, or 99 represents different energies.

To address your first question, look to the 14 and 5 of 77/14/5 for insight about Master Number 77. Do the same for 11/2. Think in extremes, both negative and positive.

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