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Dawn Thomson wrote at 2013-05-26 02:01:06
From my experience of my mom being in long term care for 2 years before she passed away, watch them all of the time. Make your visits at different times each and every day.  Stop in before bedtime, as most of their bedtimes is right after they are fed their evening meal.  I ended up buying movies that they would like to watch that they saw when they were growing up or raising their children.  I went every day and helped my Mom with her supper and immediately put in a movie or DVD of the Walton's and watched it with them.  Otherwise they were medicated and put to bed right after their supper.  

This is their home as they are not able to function on their own.  It is not their choice they are put into long term care. it is upon recommendation of their general physician.  It is their home and those health care workers "work" there.

My Mom was assaulted by one of the PCA's and the RN failed to report the incident to management and Protection for Persons In Care.  What a disgrace to that establishment.  I have followed through by demanding a re-open of the investigation to find that the PCA was guilty.  Nothing was done in this situation and it breaks my heart that from this incident my mom deteriorated quickly and passed a couple of months after the incident.  She was terrified that she would be kicked out of that institution if she said anything.  I stayed very close to her to ensure her safety, and make her feel wanted and loved dearly during her last bit of time.  Please take a stand and report all involved as most of them are a part of a union and that behaviour is not permitted in the profession.  Report the RNs involved to the Registered nurses association and have them investigated for their behaviour and accountability for the inappropriate behavior they exhibit.

Remember these people we love dearly may not still be here but, at some time in our lives we all may require extended or long term care.  Take a stand to make a difference.

I am very passionate about this issue, my mom stood up for what she believed and is still a picture of strength

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