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QUESTION: My have place someone in nursing home later on and not sure how works who pays for this. She don't own anything maybe own mobile home. Everything else no longer in her name. Then she has others bill like funeral insurance who pays for that. I cant afford right now and don't want her lose It. I feel bad even ask about feel like making about money

ANSWER: Veronica,
Good evening.  I certainly understand your concern about how the nursing home bill is paid.  It sounds as if your loved one who may have to go into a nursing home has very little and could not afford to pay the bill.  The good news here is that your loved one would qualify for medicaid.  To get approval for medicaid you would have to fill out an application for this person on their behalf.  Medicaid will cover the cost of a nursing home.  For assistance in getting and application and on filling it out, you can contact your local medicaid office.
I hope this information is helpful to you.  I wish you the best as you work through the medicaid process for your loved one! If you have any further questions, you are welcome to contact me directly at

With Warm Regards,
Ginelle LeBlanc

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QUESTION: But what about her funeral Insurance/ life insurance policy how would that get paid. She drawn ssi does nursing home get that or does it stop. Like be able use it pay for funeral insurance and clothes or other items shemay need

Certainly I understand your question about her current income and how her life insurance to pay her funeral bill would be paid.  From what I understand it is customary for whatever income a resident of a nursing home gets, it is given over/taken by the nursing home to off-set the cost of the care of the resident.  So typically, whatever income your loved one would get, would be given over to the nursing home.  
I suggest you might call the local nursing home that you are thinking of using for your loved one or one that is near you.  Since policies may change state by state, you could ask to speak to the nursing home social worker and ask this specific question.  The social worker would be able to give the exact expectations and requirements for your state.  If the social worker tells you that all of your loved ones income would have to go for her care, you could ask her what do family  members do to maintain a funeral/life insurance policy.  
I hope this points you in the right direction for the answer you need.  

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