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looks like there us no rate for the question of cost on the website. Can you provide estimate for 24 hr rn for a patient who is not bedridden in thousand oaks ca?

Hello Robyn and thank you for writing,

I can only quote the typical costs in my area (Vancouver, BC, Canada) for private home care. The average rates up here are:

Homemaker          $18-$21/hr
Companion          $19-$22/hr
Home Support Worker   $21-$25/hr
Live-In HSW         $150-250/day (which includes the Caregiver sleeping at night)
LPN          $35-$40/hr
RN          $50-$60/hr

Publicly-funded Home Support can cost $0-$45/hr depending on your income.

My advice is to go with an established company, and one that has Nurses in charge.  In the past five years there have been dozens of franchises flood the Home Healthcare market and any Joe or Jane with the required buy-in fee can own an agency.  Don't choose the cheapest rate as you'll likely not get properly qualified Caregivers, nor do you need to choose the most expensive rate to pay for some fancy new gimmick (like all staff carrying iPads) which does not affect the level of care your loved-one will receive.  Meet with several local agencies and see which feels best, which one offers the best advice, and who seems to know what they're doing.  Ask questions like "if I have a concern at 2:00 am and call the agency, will I speak with someone I know, and someone who is familiar with our case, or will I get an answering service"?

I hope this helps and I wish you all the best,

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