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I am working on a doctoral qualitative dissertation and you have been noted as an expert in the field of long-term nursing care.  I am requesting your participation for my Field Test in examining my research instrument and expressing your opinion of same for my focus group interview discussion.  I ask that you please e-mail me to let me know if you would like to be a participant.  Once your participation is confirmed, I will forward you my instrument for review. Thanking you in advance for your consideration in this matter.  I remain,

Hello Naomi,

What level of involvement are we talking about?  I am happy to help, but I'd like to know what I am being asked before I agree as I never want to agree to do something and not be able to complete it if it is too much.

Thank you,

Nursing Home/Long Term Care/Home Care

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Margot RN BScN GNC


GERONTOLOGY (NURSING ISSUES RELATED TO THE ELDERLY) I have 25+ years experience working with the elderly. I would be pleased to offer any assistance I can. My areas of expertise include: Gerontology / Geriatrics, Long Term Care, Community Nursing, Palliative Care, Private Nursing Services, Intermediate / Extended Care. I also have a personal interest in Homeopathic and Eastern Medicine. If I can not answer your question I`ll do my best to direct you to an appropriate resource. Thank you.


I have twenty years experience in Gerontological Nursing both in the community, and in Long Term Care. I have worked as a General Duty Nurse, a Nurse Manager, and a Nursing Consultant in Long Term Care and Community Nursing.I have a great deal of experience working with, assessing, and educating in the field of Gerontology (Nursing the Elderly). I am familiar with the challenges associated with Dementia (Alzheimer's), Chronic and Terminal illnesses.
Experience in the area
20 years of Long Term Care and Community Nursing, specialising in Geriatrics, Gerontology and Palliative Care.

Registered Nurse , Certified Gerontological Nurse, Bachelor of Science in Nursing

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