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I work in a nursing home in ohio and so does my boyfriend. My grandmother is also in this nursing home. She is on the rehab unit where we work the rehab unit consists of long term care patients and rehab patients. some are 2 assist some are extensive 1 assists some are bed bound and a feed that takes 30 -40 minutes to feed 2 times in a shift. some are hoyer lifts we have alarm patients and there was 17 patients and 1 stna and 1 nurse the nurses never help with anything beyond passing their pills when are feeding the feed that takes 30-40 min no one is answering the call lights my grandma has to wait 30 40 and sometimes up to An hour to be toileted along with everyone else!!! now there are 19 patients on this unit with 1 nurse and 1 aide how can this possibly be legal?

Hello Laura,

Regulations vary widely state to state and I would advise you contact the Ohio Dept of Health if you have concerns - believe me, all nursing homes worry when the state agency that controls their license calls to investigate a concern.  If you're worried about repercussions from your employer then the wisest thing to do is have a family member contact them on behalf of concerns they've observed in regards to your Grandmother's care - of course they can request their name, and your Grandmothers', be kept in confidence.

You can reach the Ohio DOH at Ohio Department of Health, Nursing Homes/Facilities Dept, 3rd Floor 246 North High Street, Columbus, OH 43215.  Telephone: 614-752-9524, Fax: 614-564-2450 or

I hope this helps and I wish you all the best,

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