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My name is Lizzie and I am 26 years old. Unfortunately due to my physical disability I have come to find myself in a nursing home while I am looking for other housing options. Normally I don find too many "bad eggs" in my time in the different facilities I've been in. This current one (Let's call it Happy Homes Care Center) has been 10x better than the last one so far. I Was being helped one night by 2 new CNA's so I was telling them how I prefer to be transferred so I don't get hurt and all of the normal stuff that you go through in the beginning and both cnas looked at me and laughed at my face, they then picked me up the wrong way, hurting me in the process. later when I call to have them help me roll over, the female CNA ignored my pleas for her to be careful that I was in pain. She rolled her eyes and rolled me over roughly. I Thought it was just a one night thing, but it happens every time I ask her to help. I reported them and now they won't an my call light. Instead the nurse answers it. So I've gott into the habit of checking to see if they work, if they do I go to bed early and refuse to push the call light, no matter how much pain I am in. One has even broken a residents leg twice.. Ok I kno this is very long but if this continues and even though I have reported this and have been keeping up on this, if they end up fracturing my bones or hurting me seriously, can I by law press charges on the person,not the company? I Have told ththe person multiple times to be careful. Can I get them into trouble if something like this happens?

Dear Lizzie,

I am grieved by what you have shared regarding the abusive treatment you have received in a nursing home.  My heart goes out to you as you suffer through this awful treatment.  What you are describing definitely constitutes abuse.  This is deplorable and inexcusable.  This is also criminal.  You have rights as a patient in a nursing home and you do not have to put up with this despicable behavior.  

Provided to you free of charge, by law, is an advocate to help you through this situation.  The Long-Term Care Ombudsman (LTCO) seeks resolution of problems and advocates for the rights of residents of long term care facilities to ensure and enhance the quality of life and care of residents.  And I strongly encourage you to contact your Ombudsman.  This is a service that is provided free of charge by the federal government to ensure that no resident in a nursing home would be subject to abuse.  To contact an ombudsman in your county you can follow this link:  or you can call Daniel J. Musto, State of Utah: Department of Human Services, 801.538.3924 to find the Ombudsman who can advocate for you.  This facility should be investigated for allowing such behavior of their staff.  Those CNA’s are licensed employees who could lose their license for their actions and rightly so.  

Your rights as a patient in a nursing home have been violated.  You have been subject to abuse and you have the right to complain without retaliation.  This has certainly not been the case.  According to Utah State Nursing Home Residents Rights, you have the right to:
“Present grievances to staff or any other person, without fear of reprisal and with prompt efforts by the facility to resolve those grievances.”  
“To complain to the ombudsman program.”
“To file a complaint with the state survey and certification agency.”

The ombudsman will know the best course of action for you to file a grievance against the specific employees.  Additionally, by you reporting these individuals, you may save another resident of a nursing home from being subjected to their abusive behavior.

I pray this information will be helpful to you.  And I further pray that you receive the swift advocacy help to end your unjust treatment.  If I may be of further assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact me.

My best to you as you find the strength to end this abusive behavior.  

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