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I was just wondering if I dissolve my multiple vitamin in water and drink it if I would get the full benefits of the vitamin.For some reason it's hard for be to swallow and digest my vitamins.Thank u

Hi Linda, the issue with dissolving the vitamin in water is the fact that some are designed to release in different ways. The breakdown of the pill gets involved in the digestion process. Also it may not dissolve well in water or could take a considerable amount of time.
Finally you might want to consider taste. The dissolved pill taste may be far worse than actually swallowing it. Remember that most of these pills will include strong or bitter tasting minerals.

There are other options. You can buy liquid multivitamin/mineral products that are fruit flavored. I'm also aware of several multivitamin supplements that come in powder form mixed with whey or soy protein so you can make a shake with either water or milk.

A final option is gummy or chewable multivitamins that have recently become available for adults.

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