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I have not eaten red meat and all fats, except for fish oil,for a month now, and I am feeling a bit better. I have lost a bit of weight, and my digestion is better.
I could never lose weight low carbing-I think my system reacts better to a low meat/fat diet.I feel I am slowly trying to walk the vegetarian way, but am still eating poultry and seafood.
I cannot find a good reason, apart from the ethical treatment of chickens and farm raised fish, to exclude them. I have never heard of a weight loss diet apart from a vegertarian one that excludes skinless chicken breast or broiled fish. I have also never heard a good argument apart from ethical ones why these foods are unhealthy.
Since I am an older guy, with no desire to become a chef, it is easy to make a turkey sandwich or open a can of sardines.
If there were legitimate health reasons to give up seafood and fish I would.
Do you know of any, and do you think I should keep up being a non red meat eater? Thanks!

Beef has a lot of protein per ounce as well as zinc and B-vitamins. Unfortunately, unless you are eating grass fed beef, you are getting an excess of omega-6 and not enough omega-3. I would not recommend giving up meat altogether though because it is difficult to get complete proteins through a vegetarian diet.

I don't know of any reason to give up seafood, except for the types with high mercury. If your beef is grain fed, you are fine to do without it.  

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