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I've heard gatorade is typically not very healthy to drink. I was wondering if there is something I can drink while at work that will help me keep going, but will not add sugar to my diet or raise my sodium too much?

I am not exactly sure what your goal is. Generally, the best source of healthy electrolytes is vegetables. You could juice them in a NutraBlender so that you can still get the benefit of the fiber. If you are eating healthy, you should be getting more than enough without supplementation.

If you are looking for more energy in the day, there might be other things that you could be doing. For example, eat up to four meals through the day. That could be accomplished simply by splitting one meal into two. Also, make sure that you are getting plenty of vegetables and protein. You could also snack on high energy nuts and seeds. Also, even a 1% degree of dehydration causes mental fatigue. Drink plenty of water.

I hope I helped. I was not entirely sure what the goal was.


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