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Hi Laura, I am in a rut I guess and I really need help. So probably for the past 2 years I have been trying and failing at losing weight in my face. My body is skinny and I know that so I don't need to lose weight there it's just my face that I need to lose weight in. I hate my chubby cheeks and people comment on them all the time calling them adorable but I don't want them they make me insecure and not confident. In 2 years I have been doing one facial exercise before I went to bed every night and it works I lose weight in my face and if I repeatedly do the exercise every night before bed then I do lose my chubby cheeks! But the second that I fall asleep and forget to do the exercise my chubby cheeks are back the next day! It is so frustrating to feel so close to my goal and then because I fell asleep without doing the exercise I have to start from scratch again! I eat extremely healthy I eat a lot of salads and am on a 1200 calorie diet. I know this is probably one of the strangest things you've ever heard of and no one knows except you now. I just need help in losing the weight in my face and keeping it off. I really want this to be achieved before Christmas I really don't want to go another Christmas hating the way i look! I know this is strange but I have tried everything and have no clue where to go from here. I would extremely appreciate it if you could help me finally achieve my goal of losing weight in my face and keeping it off. Thank you so much !

Chelsea, Unfortunately you can't spot reduce fat, you can only lose it uniformly. The facial exercises might build the facial muscles up making your face appear tighter but won't cause the chubby cheeks to go away. Women's hormones tend to hold fluid in the cells plumping up certain areas of the body, so your face might get puffy at times during the month, but there is no cure to reduce just fat in the cheeks other than sucking it out through liposuction or dieting to lose more weight overall. The good side of it all is that you will have fewer wrinkles, as people with chubby cheeks tend to keep their cheeks full and young looking through out their life. Thin cheeked people tend to get that drawn out look and appear older. So look on the bright side and accept the way you look especially if people are calling them adorable; they probably are really adorable. Hope that helps, Laura Kraemer,

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