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I am 34 years male.
I've been taking supplements/multi-vitamin, Bee Pollen, Mega Men, and Ginger Root from GNC products.

My question is that..

1. Is this OK to take them (Total 3 tables from each one) at the same time?
  BTW, I've been taking these Morning and Evening every day.

2. If not, what's best way to take these for best work for my body?


Jay, you're fine taking what you are. A good way to do it is to split the doses over 2 meals. GNC multivitamins for instance are supposed to be time released so it benefits you to allow about 6 hours between doses.
Take one dose with breakfast and another with dinner. Be sure to take them with a balanced meal of all 3 macronutrients (protein, carbs, fat). Vitamins A, D, E & K require fat to be assimilated into the body.

One of the only popular supplements that should be taken apart from others is calcium. You'll notice the calcium content of your multi is low. The reason is calcium can inhibit the absorption of certain nutrients or even prescription medications.
It is always best to take calcium supplements at least one hour after other supplements.

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