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QUESTION: Hi Tim Santoro. I'm Maziah, a researcher. I was prepared kindergartens menu for 4 weeks, but i need expert to validate my kindergartens menu. The purpose of prepared menu is to prevent / curbing obesity among children. Kindly could you please validate my kindergartens menu?

ANSWER: I'd be happy to review your menu. I don't see it included here. Could you please forward a copy. Thanks

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QUESTION: My menu as attachment. I hope you will be able to review dan validate the menu. I really appreciate your further action. Kindly, please see several file (may be you receive 10 questions) because i send the menu to you in separate pages. I don't know how to combine all image in one file. Sorry for that. Thank you so much.

Hi Maziah,
I took a look at everything for you. Let me start off by saying it sure is unique compared to the regular American school menu. If you know anything of American culture it is that it is filled with unhealthy foods.
I will say your menu is sound and seems intent on providing proper nutrition.

A few points I think you might want to look at.

For the breakfast meals consider that every option should have a good quality source of protein as well as a complex carbohydrate. It really is not an option to exclude either.
From an American perspective a good breakfast might be 2 eggs and one cup oatmeal. I am not too versed in your culture as to what normal foods are, but the basis is that you should find some way to cover this basis. Also try adding in some more fruits. Fruits can provide important and vital nutrients. Fruit is best served either in its fresh state or from frozen.
Additionally I notice that some foods on the breakfast and lunch menu are fried. What type of oil are these fried in and is there anyway to prepare these dishes without frying them?

In the lunch menu it would be advisable to have more diverse vegetable options. Consider including broccoli and spinach. It is important to get kids eating this stuff at a young age. not only is it important for their growth but it will help them make better choices later in life.

As I said though, I like the basis of what you're trying to do. It is a far better plan than the french fry and burger diet that American's are consumed by.

Please feel free to get back at me with anything else. It was a real pleasure to advise on this.

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