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QUESTION: Hi Tim Santoro Expert.
Thank you so much for the answer.
I would like to know about afternoon tea menu for kids. How about it and my menu as attachment. Thank you for your further response and comments. I really appreacite it.

ANSWER: Hi Maziah,
These afternoon tea snacks seem to be alight. From a nutritional standpoint I would say to be careful of high sugar foods like the cakes and such. The white flour and sugar don't make for a healthy snack.
In the same regard these are young children and a treat of some kind can be fitting. What I might suggest is to look into some alternatives as well. Maybe one day they can enjoy the cake or cookies but on other days look into some options like oatmeal cookies of a yogurt  with fruit. Another option would be fruit smoothies. You can blend up fresh fruit with some ice.

In conjunction with these menus I would also suggest you look into some type or activity or exercise program. Exercise goes hand in hand with good nutrition. These are young kids so keep it fun and simple. Some good options could be a team sport, or some other activity where the kids get to run around and be active.

Hopefully this all helps. I thank you for the glimpse into your country and allowing me to advise.
feel free to get back in touch with anything else.

also I'm getting back to working on my site at as well as my online fitness show. Be sure to check in.

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QUESTION: Thank you so much for the advice and suggestion.
How about this menu?. It is afternoon tea menu too. I need to get expert's opinion. Thank you in advance.


In regard to this menu I would suggest changing the items in number 16 and 18. There is no need to fry the banana. Serve it fresh. And a doughnut really has no health benefits and is nothing more than empty calories.
Consider some other options. I realize these are kids so you can still impart some fun dessert type stuff just with a healthy twist. Consider a healthy oatmeal cookie. Use oats, whole wheat flour or brown rice flour, cinnamon. Sweeten it with honey instead of sugar.  

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