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QUESTION: Hi Lawrence Sanchez. I'm Maziah, a researcher. I was prepared kindergartens menu for 4 weeks, but i need expert to validate my kindergartens menu. The purpose of prepared menu is to prevent / curbing obesity among children. Kindly could you please validate my kindergartens menu?

ANSWER: Please send me a copy to review.

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QUESTION: Hi Lawrence Sanchez.
Thank you for your kindness to review my kindergartens menu.
I attach to you a few days of breakfast menu. Actually i have 23 pages of kindergartens menu which included breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea. However, i can't merge the pages into one file. So sorry for that. After you review the menu and send it back to me, i will send the others menu to you. or kindly could you provide me your email address. I can send the full version of my kindergartens menu. Thank you again and I am waiting your future response.

I reviewed the two menu's you sent and they are fine except I would not recommend giving them fried foods. Children do not handle fried foods well. Children tend to , because of there developing bodies not process the fried food and can have frequent trips to the bathroom. I would say that serving just toast and milk is really not a good nutritious breakfast. Breakfast should include, protein, carbohydrates, and fat .
Add a piece a fruit to that toast and it would be fine.

Thanks for writting


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