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QUESTION: Hi, i was wondering how i could gain muscle if i am only just cycling for excersise?

also, if i take protein powder supplements would i be able to gan muscle whilst cycling and losing weight?

If your intent is to build muscle than cycling is not the right exercise for you. Granted you will be working the leg muscles, this is not a proper approach to build muscle, nor to overall fitness.
To build muscle you must subject it to resistance exercise. This is done with weights, bands or bodyweight. You must breakdown a muscle to  in turn build it bigger and stronger.

A decent resistance workout would compose at least 3 days a week at 30-45 minutes per session.

Finally protein will not build muscle alone. A common misconception about supplements are that they are more powerful than they actually are. I'm a huge supplement fan, but at the same time like to be sure that they are properly understood.
Supplements do just what their name explains, they supplement or add to other efforts. Those other efforts are eating a proper diet of whole foods and a complete exercise plan that includes resistance and cardio.
Some people only lift weights, others only do aerobic exercise, but a complete fitness profile utilizes both.

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QUESTION: Hi thanks for the answer! i am going to cycle and lift. should i continue to take protein powder and would this help/work?

Also i have heard alot about acai berry and people have said that it is good at burning fat when done with exercise? is it ok for me to take this?

Plus i had to take iron pills before to boost my iron levels would gaining muscle bost my iron and make me stronger?


It is a good plan to lift weights in conjunction with your cycling. Just be sure to reserve your cycling for after the weight lifting.
Continue the protein powder. Protein is vital for building muscle. When you lift weights the muscle tissue is broken down. Protein breaksdown in the body as amino acids that work to repair and build the muscle tissue back bigger and stronger.

Second, don't buy into the weight loss claims of Acai. I think Acai is great stuff, but not for weight loss. The Acai berry has great anti oxidant properties and is good for maintaining overall health. Any weight loss benefits are just exaggerations. It will not hurt you in any way, just don't use it with the intention to drop fat. Just be sure you buy pure acai products from a health food store or the health food section of the grocery store. Read the labels and make sure there aren't added sugars or other unnecessary ingredients. Some Acai berry juices are fortified with grape juice and other fruits, this is ok as long as like I said they aren't adding corn syrup or other unnecessary things.

And finally, no, building muscle will not increase iron levels. Building muscle will make you stronger if you utilize a proper workout plan, however your iron level is determined by what you eat and your body's ability to asorb that iron.
Good sources of iron from food are red meat, green leafy vegetables, and broccoli,

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QUESTION: Hi i am trying different exercises using resistance bands. will this help me build muscle?

Yes resistance bands are a useful tool if you don't have access to a gym or free weights. Just be sure they offer enough resistance. I've seen some as weak as a rubber band all the way up to professional ones that can offer hundreds of pounds of resistance.
You can also combine this with bodyweight exercises too. Pull ups, dips, and pushups are some of the exercises you can do with no equipment at all.

Overall the thing is to challenge the muscle to work. A workout should be hard to some level. Whatever you do, you should feel like you used up a good amount of energy when done.

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