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QUESTION: Hi.  I looked at a calorie calculator online to determine how many calories I should consume each day and it mentioned 1800 as being ideal.  I am 5'6" and currently weigh 118 lbs.  My question is, if I am full after 1600 calories, should I continue consuming food or beverages so I can get to 1800 calories everyday?  1600 calories is usually enough for me.  Thanks

ANSWER: Hi Danielle,

If you're body tells you its full, you should stop eating. Your body will let you know if you need more food. And it will change, too. Some days you'll want to eat more, and some days you'll eat even less. Our bodies all go through cycles so that's natural.

I hope that helps!

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QUESTION: I have another question.  If someone consumes 1600 calories in a day, but they burned 300 calories during a workout, does that mean they only consumed 1300 calories that day?

ANSWER: No, you still consumed 1600, you just burned 300 during the workout.

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QUESTION: When someone tones fat on their body, does that cause the numbers to go up on the scale?  Or, does toning not cause weight gain?

There's no such thing as toning fat. You tone muscle by working out with weights or doing strenuous physical activity. Generally, you gain weight first as your muscle grows and then lose weight over time as your fat loss exceeds your muscle gain. Since muscle is denser than fat, this causes an initial weight gain or, more often, your weight stays about the same as muscle grows and fat is burned.

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