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im a 32 year old male im 183 cm 104 Kg , since the last month i had determined to lose weight and reach 90 Kgs , my diet plan is as follows , heavy breakfast , heavy lunch. at night i go to the gym and walk on the Treadmill for like 45 minutes (to burn around 300 calories) , then i have a very light dinner (mainly low fat yogurt) do you think what im doing is correct ? and what do u recommend me to do ??

Hi Moh, sorry to not get back sooner.
While your plan is well intended I see a lot of room for improvement.
First of all it seems as if you are not eating enough nor eating frequently enough. Having breakfast is good but you can't just pack all your daily calories into 2 meals. You are not allowing your metabolism to work and thus it is likely slowing which will take you away from your goal.

The better approach is to eat 3 meals, breakfast, lunch, dinner with two snacks between them.
So in essence you will eat breakfast within 30 minutes of waking up. 2-3 hours later eat a snack, 2-3 hours later lunch, snack, dinner. All meals should only be separated by 2-3 hours. This keeps you continually throwing fuel on the fire, or rather it keeps your metabolism working.
Make sure every meal contains a quality source of protein (eggs, fish, chicken, beef, low fat dairy, protein powder# and complex carbohydrates (vegetables, whole wheat breads or pasta, brown rice, oatmeal) and healthy fats (olive oil, nuts, or fats from dairy or fish)

As the day goes on and your activity level decreases lessen your intake or starchy carbs and stick with vegetables.

I'd also add in some resistance training 3-4 times a week for at least 30 minutes. You're a young guy so lifting weights a few times a week will have a lot of great benefits. Were you aware that a good exercise program of resistance training and cardio can help you age backwards? Maintaining your muscle mass is important, especially into your 50s and beyond.
Another plus is that lifting weights burns more calories than steady state cardio.
Try doing 30 minutes of weight lifting followed by 30 minutes on the treadmill.

So hopefully this helps give you a basis to go on. If you find you need more help feel free to write back in. Also check out my site at I have a bunch of informative articles on there that may help you.

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