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Dear Tim,

Good Morning!

1. I was wondering whether it is fine/healthy to have breakfast (Milo cereals with full cream milk) after 1 hour after consuming honey drink ( just honey plus tap water)?

2. Are there any side effects or ill effects known so far after

a. Consuming honey plus tap water in the mornings (consuming the very first thing in the morning after waking up)?

b. Working out/excercise after drinking the honey drink every mornings?

c. Consuming breakfast (Milo cereals with full cream milk) after 1 hour every mornings?

d. Someone told me that I should not take breakfast (sweet breakfast) after consuming honey drink as this may result in diabetes/other diseases as the honey drink diffuses into our bloodstream in about 7 minutes. Is this true?


Hi John,
Why are you drinking these honey drinks? Is there a health reason or is it just something you enjoy?
I see no issue with this except for 2 things

1. It is always best to eat within 30 minutes of waking. One hour won't kill you but I always advise clients to stick with that 30 minute window.

2. It is a much better option to have a good fast digesting protein first thing in the morning. Remember you just slept 6-8 hours and now your body it literally feeding on its on muscle tissue (as disturbing as that sounds). Having a fast digesting protein like a whey shake first thing shuts off what is called catabolism (the feeding of muscle).

On to your second question,
a. There shouldn't be any side effects as long as you don't have an allergy to honey. I just question the reason for doing this.

b. I would advise against working out after drinking the honey drink. A pre workout meal should contain at least 25 grams protein and a complex carb to sustain energy levels.
A whey protein shake with a banana is a much better pre workout meal. Never workout on an empty stomach or without protein.

c. Your fine with the cereal in the morning, I'd avoid the cream and use a low fat milk (low fat, not skim as skim is basically sugar water). I'm not overly familiar with that cereal though, hopefully it is low in sugar and a good whole grain source. This will prevent over eating later in the day.

d. honey is a better choice than anything that contains simple sugars. And if you lift weights regularly a little spike in blood sugar first thing in the morning has some benefits, without getting too much into that.
Keep in mind though that there are 2 meals where you can be a little loose with your calories or what you eat. Thats breakfast and post workout. By loose I don't mean donuts and sugar but rather you can consume more calories and get away with stuff like honey or some of the other medium digesting carbs.

None the less honey is a good sweetener and has additional health benefits. As I said I don't know why you are drinking this drink, while it can't hurt i still think its better to start your day right off the bat with a good source of protein.

I do see you are from Australia, is it pretty easy to get supplements like whey powder there? I know New Zealand is extremely strict with what they allow. Supplements that are common place in the U.S. can get you arrested in New Zealand.

Hopefully this helps you out. Feel free to get back at me with any other question/concerns.

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