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I am male, 5'9", currently 180 lbs.  I lost 54 lbs in 8 months.  My diet during that time consisted of zero junk food (chips, chocolate, cake, added sugar to all foods and beverages).  All I ate was shredded wheat, skim milk, 6 servings of raw veggies and 4 of fruit, v8 low sodium, water, nuts, seeds, and my mom's very low fat cooking (twice a day - small portions).  I don't drink coffee, nor smoke.  

I have now plateaud at 180 lbs and trying to reach 150 lbs.  My mom's cooking is even lower in fat, very low in salt, I cut out the v8, cut all fast food (the only fast food I ate before was subway 12 inch chicken teriyaki on brown bread once a week).  I created a meal plan 6 days ago that consists of a total 2092 calories per day.  The problem is that I am always extremely hungry about 45 minutes after every meal.  I have to think that I must have some saturated fat in my diet.  Throughout all of this dieting, I never exercised, I just cut calories.  If I do start exercising and continue eating like this, I will faint!  

Your advice would be appreciated.



Hello SK,

Congratulations on your weight loss! What a great achievement. You have been losing at a pretty rapid rate, averaging nearly 2 pounds a week. You may not actually have plateaued, but the weight loss may just be slowing down. For instance, if you are now losing 3 pounds a month instead of 7, you won't notice as soon, but it's very likely still coming down.

So my first recommendation would be to keep a weight chart and just watch it over a few more weeks.

Second, if I were to estimate the number of calories in the meal plan you describe it would be much lower than 2000 calories--so maybe I need to know more of what you eat on a typical day.

Do you eat nuts after a meal? That fat, as you mentioned, should keep you full for longer (any fat will, it does not have to be saturated!)

Finally, 2100 calories is rarely a weight-loss level. You may be able to maintain your weight eating 2100 calories when you get to your goal, but you will be losing very slowly on this level. So there must be a way to cut to 1900 calories to lose a bit faster, and also as you mentioned, exercise will help! It does not have to be an hour at the gym, or even anything rigorous. It can be walking for 20 minutes twice a day. This will add up to another pound or two loss each month (and more walking = more weight loss).

A great diet plan can be found here

Let me know what questions you have after reviewing this answer :)


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