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Hello and Happy New Year!
Although none of my blood tests have shown anything, I always just 'feel better' when I go through one of my gluten free phases. I lose a little weight, have a better mental focus, and less gas and bloating.
My wife the nurse is skeptical that I am sensitive to gluten, and I do not show the major symptoms like diarhea, weight loss, etc. I have just started my third attempt and this time I am more certain than ever.
What convinced me this time is the fact that most of my general aches and pains, and especially the stiff knee resulting from a torn ACL two years ago, have markedly improved. Last week I was walking with a limp-have been for two years, and today I walked pain free to the local outdoor rink and even skated a bit. As I type this there is only a bit of stiffness and inflammation.
This, coupled with the fact that although I have not lost any weight in the few days I have been gluten free, and I have been eating the same if not more-lots of Xmas leftovers-my belt has come in a notch.
Please give me your opinion on this.Also, regarding gluten free foods, there seems to be gluten in just about everything. The major and really only change I made replacing my morning toast and lunch sandwhich (cant live without bread) with gluten free bread. There are some good ones now. Is this sufficient, or should I be even more carefull with what I eat, apart from avoiding obvious wheat/flour products.
Thanks so much!

Hi! Happy New Year to you as well.

My opinion is that if something is working, stick with it. As you are reducing your gluten products, if it is alleviating problems stick with the plan. There are two concepts that seem to be interchanged in many circles. They are allergy and intolerance.

Intolerance is typically a situation in which the body doesn't have the means, enzymatic for example, to process something. Two examples are gluten intolerance and fructose intolerance. Typically, these cause gastrointestinal distress as well as other symptoms that can extend systemically to other bodily functions. That is an extremely abbreviated description.

Allergies, sometimes called sensitivities, is a situation in which the body reacts. A person can be allergic to absolutely anything the body decides to be allergic to. Further, allergies can come and go through the lifespan. For example, I have never been allergic to chocolate. However, in the last two years I have begun showing symptoms of reaction. Allergy symptoms can run the gamut from behavioral symptoms to eczema to muscle aches. Most of the symptoms relate to the inflammation that is expressed with allergies. To make matters more difficult, a broad allergy such as a wheat allergy could exhibit with some products and some not. For example, some individuals indicate a gluten allergy but soon realize they can eat Melba toast. This means there might be certain preparations or certain types of wheat. Allergies, even the most symptomatic, can be difficult to pinpoint.

The best thing to do is continue being aware of what you eat and how you feel. There is an allergy test called Alcat that you can order yourself through Many people report that the findings and the report of findings made a huge difference in their health choices.

I hope this helped!  

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