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Hello there - Richard Rost, I would like to admit to what type of diet I am eating! My life style is as follows:

Every morning I have no breakfast - When I reach my work place I just have 2 cups tea with milk and 2 teaspoon of sugar and a doughnut.

For lunch - I have chicken and chips with coca cola drink. If I still feel hungry I have chocolates, chocolate biscuits, soft drink but not water, (I cant remember when was the last time I drank water!). I then have 1 cup  tea with milk and 2 teaspoon of sugar.

When I reach home after work - I have 1 cup tea with milk and 2 teaspoon of sugar. I have no dinner - I go out to chicken shop and buy chicken and chips, chicken burger, coca cola drink. If I am still hungry - I buy 9 inch pizza.

Before I go sleep - I have 1 cup tea with milk and 2 teaspoon of sugar.

So this is my daily routine. My age is 28 years old and male. Height is: 5'8.5". weight is 13st 14lb. Am I overweight for my age? What should my weight be?

I also have Acne (skin condition) on my forehead. Please advise on this please.

My urine color is like pale to medium amber color.

I keep saying to my self, that I need to change my diet habit, but I don't. Since last 2 weeks, I have been walking to and back from work rather than by public transport. My work place is 2 miles away from my home. I reach my work place in 35 minutes.

Can I ask what is apple cider vinegar? is apple cider vinegar help me reduce my weigh?

So Richard Rost, can you kindly advise me on the above problem? What else can you tell me from the above diet? Please advise. I look forward to your reply. Many Thanks.

You can find everything you need to know about what to eat and what to avoid on my web site. Some tips based on what you've told me:

Try to eat a healthy breakfast. It's important.

What kind of chicken are you eating? Grilled or baked is fine. Breaded or fried is bad.

Chips? Forget about them.

Coke? I hope it's DIET Coke.

Sugar in your tea is bad. Switch to an artificial sweetener.

Chocolate is hard to avoid. It's one of my vices too... but it's loaded with fat and sugar = calories you don't need.

Walking is good. Now try to add a little strength training and get some HARD cardio in there at least once a week (something that gets your heart rate up).

Apple cider vinegar? Not sure of the health benefits of it. There is no "magic bullet" to reduce your weight, however. It's CALORIES IN minus CALORIES OUT. You need to BURN more than you EAT.  

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