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My question was on hunger and sugar cravings which seem to coincide for me. I have had no history of any health problems. I do notice when I have not eaten for a while for whatever reason or I am hungry, I will not crave food but just candy or chocolate. I am wondering if this is just something that is occurring because I have not eaten anything in a while, or if there is a possibility it may be pointing to something else.

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Of course, there could be a number of reason for those specific cravings. However, having not received nutrients to the point of being hungry leaves your body needing glucose for the brain, nervous system, energy, and muscles. The fastest way to get that glucose is sugar. This is why experts recommend ensuring several meals spread throughout the day. This way, not only do you stave off hunger, but your body will get all of the fuel it needs on a consistent and continual way. Consider Finding healthy snacks such as raw vegetables, nuts, or seeds that you can carry in a snack pack to snack on between regular meals.

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